Management Systems


We believe that delivering a quality product is of critical importance. We therefore adopt an approach that focuses on efficiency and value in terms of our pricing and time management. 

Both our in-office and on-site quality procedures are fully compliant with the CCF (Civil Contractors Federation) to ensure the highest quality infrastructure is delivered at a fair price with minimal environmental and health and safety risks. As part of our ongoing improvement, we are currently developing new policies that will allow us to become ISO 9001 compliant and ensure an even higher level of quality in the future.

Occupational Health & Safety

At Harris Civil we have an ethos and approach that values safety above all else. This is achieved by strictly adhering to both internal and external safety policies whose goal is to implement working methods and procedures that ensure all working personnel and members of the public conduct themselves in a safe and healthy manner at all times. We are fully compliant with The Health and Safety Standards provided by the CCF. Our ultimate safety objective is to have zero workplace incidents and less lost time due to injuries.

Environmental Management

At Harris Civil we recognize the monumental importance of low impact and sustainable environmental construction. That is why we are fully compliant with The Environmental Standards provided by the CCF allowing us to implement sound practices on all our projects,  that minimize environmental impacts and mitigate the chances of spills, leaks, corrosion, noise, dust, erosion or damage to fauna and flora of any kind.