A Pipe Cracking Effort

Trenchless Australasia, April 2017

On Benbow St, which runs east to west on the outskirts of Yarraville, close to the McIvor nature reserve, a sewer was discovered to have reached the end of its service life. It soon became clear that trenchless pipe bursting was the only viable and economical solution for all parties involved.The decision was made to replace the old pipe with a new PE pipe, sized ND800, in the existing path, without using any open cut trenching along the almost 100 m long section. Harris Civil, who specialises in Trenchless Technology applications, were awarded the contract to renew the sewer by the local water utility City West Water. The replacement project posed several challenges, including:

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Dynamic Pipe Bursting in Melbourne

Trenchless Australasia, March 2008

City West Water is a retail water company in Melbourne that is responsible for providing water, trade waste and sewerage services to the Melbourne CBD, Inner and Western suburbs. During regular maintenance inspections, it was revealed that one of City West Water’s 600 mm branch sewers, located in a busy industrial precinct in Tottenham, was in poor structural condition.

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